and know-how

I have successful experience in the following areas:

  • PC’s;
  • mechanical devices;
  • watches & clock;
  • decorative lighting;
  • furniture and interior;
  • medical equipment.

After many years of work, I have found my own approach for overcoming challenges in designing: I utilize an original approach and enjoy working with complicated offers.

I even know how to use natural materials - I specialize in woodworking.

We are engaged in a variety of projects which our team of experts solve.



I am happy to collaborate with those in industrial design.

I specialize in the following:

  • "I do not know where to start"
    no or very little experience in project implementation.
  • “Something went wrong”
    the project was up against technical and manufacturing challenges.
  • “I do not know how to manufacture it”
    someone has a great idea, but no one knows how to implement it. Everybody says it’s impossible.
  • “Using wood”
    wood usage, selection and manufacturing techniques.


and service order

I am also happy to assist with projects involving social impact and other art projects I find interesting.

I am open to collaboration with interior designers.

If you are mutually interested, I can develop a piece of work in industrial design on a by-order basis. It can be one of the following:

  • task description and customer collaboration on technical assignments (TA);
  • design study with a TA follow-up (subsequent to the study results);
  • concept clearance;
  • electronic production;
  • construction and device production;
  • modeling and prototyping;
  • design contracts and finding contractors;
  • designer supervision during manufacturing.